Why are Lash Lifts so popular?

Who wouldn’t want to wake with lifted lashes ready to face the day?

Lash lifts are used to enhance your natural lashes by lifting/curling them! We work with your lashes and separate each lash to give you a natural long-lasting lift. 

We have done our research and advanced raining on lash lifts and have found the best products that will still give you the best lift possible but without damaging or over lifting your lashes. 

What is a Lash Lift + Tint? 

A lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. It is a step-by-step process that has been created to open up your eyes and curl your lashes! We start the service by consulting the client and assessing the lashes to see what size and type of rod would be best suited to the client’s lashes. Once that is picked out, we glue the lash rod to your eyelid and start separating your lashes! We separate the lashes to give them an even lift and to ensure no lashes are clumped together. From there we apply step 1 + 2 and tint! Our lash lift results will leave you shocked every time. 

A Lash lift lasts 10-12 weeks and is perfect for anyone who wants to wake feeling fresh without the need of putting mascara on. 

When to rebook for a Lash Lift? 

We do not re lift the lashes any sooner than 10 weeks. As we do not want to damage your lashes or have them over processed. We recommend re-booking while you are in salon, so you’re not left guessing how long it has been. 

However, we do understand you can’t always plan your life that far in advance so a tip on how to see if your lashes are ready to be re lifted, is to see if they have all fallen down and are sitting at their complete natural state.

Lash Lift Tips 

You can transform your lash lift even more by adding mascara to them which will further separate the lashes, giving them a fuller and longer look!

For anyone wanting to grow their lashes, we recommend using a lash growth serum (eyenvy) to grow your lashes over the length of 2-3 months and then pairing that with a lash lift! 

A lash lift is perfectly paired with a fresh brow sculpt or lamination! To give you that fresh clean feeling! 

We love performing lash lifts at Lémac, it has become one of our most popular services. As it will open your eyes up and lengthen your lashes! 

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