No Bad Brow Days At Lémac


Our Simple 4 Step Process



We will discuss your brow goals and a maintenance plan that suits your lifestyle. From there, we will recommend a style, shape and colour that suits your face shape and skin type. 



We will create and draw an outline of the best style and shape that follows your natural dimensions and face shape. 



Rest and relax during your brow treatment. We will ensure that you are comfortable during the entire process. 



Our brow artist will go through aftercare to ensure you get the best results for longer.

Brow Services

Our signature Brow Sculpt includes a precision sculpt/wax  and tweeze that is customised and tailored to your desired results. 

We highly recommend adding a Tint, Dye, or Henna to create a fuller look. Please click “book now” below for a description of each.

This is the perfect treatment to fill the gaps, create more shape, and or have a crisp + clean brow. 

Brow Sculpt + Dye is our most popular treatment and our favourite brow service here at Lémac.

Brow Lamination + Tint also includes a precision sculpt/wax + tweeze. The tint shade will be tailored to your desired result.

This treatment is perfect if your brows grow downwards, or if you just want a full fluffy brow! It will also give a lifted look to your eyes. 

Please do not book this treatment if you are a client with sparse, thin, fair brows. 

If you book this treatment and are not a suitable candidate, your artist will recommend another treatment that is best suited for you. 

We recommend Brow Lamination appointments every 8 weeks and it is very important for your brows that you don’t book in any earlier than 8 weeks.

~ Results last 8 – 10 weeks 


A tint colours the brow hairs and a light stain on the skin. The effect is a more natural finish. 

~ Results last for 2-4 weeks on the brow hairs. 


If you want a longer-lasting treatment, our BronSun dye works wonders. The dye is semi-permanent and doesn’t wash out, it only “fades” as the hair grows out. We can achieve a bold or natural brow with plenty of colours to select from. 

This product is Ammonia-free, Vegan, and Cruelty-free. 

~ Results last up to 7 weeks on the brow hairs, 2+ weeks on the skin


Henna leaves a bold powder-like tint on the skin and hairs. It’s a natural but slightly more bold alternative to brow tint and dye.

This product is made from the Lawsonia Inermis plant, is ammonia-free, and has very minimal chemicals. This plant-based product strengthens and conditions the brow hairs, and helps to restore growth.

~ Results last for 2-10 days on the skin, and 4-6 weeks on the brow hairs.