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About Us

Founded by Hanna Beasley, Lémac Eye Artistry was born out of the vision to provide a premium experience with the highest level of care and expertise. Expect to be pampered in our welcoming and calming Palm Beach oasis.

Trained by leading and world-renowned professionals in both a college and industry environment, Hanna and the team have been cemented as a trusted and recognised expert in the lash, brow and tattoo industry. 

Guided by the belief that no two brows are ever the same, we specialise in creating a natural finish with a truly personalised experience. We focus on enhancing and defining your features, whether that be with natural brow rehabilitation, lash lifts, or cosmetic tattoo enhancements. Our mission is to help you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.


Lemac Eyebrow and Eyelash Artistry Palm Beach Avenue Queensland

Meet The Team

Hanna // Han

Director & Master Artist

I’m a creator and a perfectionist, before brows and lashes I was a hairdresser. I love making people feel good about themselves.

What made me decide to change my career was when I had my eyebrows ruined by a brow artist when I was 18. It made me realise how important they are in framing your face, and to make you feel confident. I decided to take up a brow waxing course and that’s where it all started!

My fav style is full, fluffy and naturally perfected. My fav treatment is a combo of a good old fashioned brow sculpt and a popping lash lift.

My weekends are spent with my husband and 4 year old. We love the beach and just being out doors. We go on bush walks and camping on long weekends. We are the adventure type of family. I also love pilates and meditating during the week for some “me” time! 

Champagne and oysters! 

Emily // Ems

Salon Manager

Brows & Lashes are such an important part of someone’s face and being able to transform/ create something so beautiful for someone that can make them feel confident and is truely life changing in some cases, is why I became an artist and I absolutely love my job for that.

Brow Lamination is my favourite – I love a really sleek, glossy brow lamination.

On weekends you’ll find me near the water sunbaking, exploring waterfalls or fishing with my partner… Or sipping on margaritas at a restaurant or having breakfast at my local cafe with my close friends. I also love keeping fit and just being outside in general. 

My favourite restaurant is Mexicali – Tacos are my favourite.

Lili // Lil

Senior Artist

I always struggled with finding a good brow place that would do my brows right and actually listened to what I had to say. Also growing up, I loved makeup and anything to do with beauty. I would literally spend half an hour doing my brows everyday, it was such a big part of my routine and made me realise how important brows are to the face and how much they can change your face.

This sparked my interest to find out more about this career and become an artist that actually listens to my client wants and needs. I also absolutely love creating beautiful brows and getting to know my clients! 

My favourite treatment is a Brow Sculpt – You can create so much difference with just a simple Sculpt and Tint. 

My weekends usually start with a morning walk then a beach swim + juice. My partner and I usually always go on a long drive through the valley or somewhere new to explore and re set for the week!

I also love baking – it brings me so much joy. I am also about to start a pottery course and I have a feeling that this will become a big hobby of mine!

Chai Latte or any juice! I do however love a good Margarita and Etsu has to be my favourite restaurant.