4 in 1 Brow Online Masterclass


4 in 1 Brow Online Masterclass Offer $250 (Usually $1495)

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Expect immense value from this one-stop shop where you can start offering new brow services to increase your income. Or if you are an experienced artist that would like to upskill to charge more for your services. Unlike other brow educators or “gurus”, Hanna has included her signature brow tips and tricks that leave the client feeling confident and loyal to your brow mastery.

Hanna will teach you everything you need to know about non-invasive brow treatments. She has a plethora of knowledge and techniques, developed from her 10+ years experience in the industry, taking masterclasses herself from other international brow artists and running her own successful brow and lash business.

Lemac’s 4 in 1 Brow Masterclass encapsulates how brow manicuring is evolving – soft, fluffy and natural. Hanna will teach her signature and timeless brow that suits clients of all ages, skin types, hair colours, and face shapes. This includes: Brow Sculpting, Tinting, Hybrid Dye & Lamination. Upon completing this Masterclass, you will feel confident to start offering brow services. 


4 in 1 Brow Online Masterclass Offer $199 (Usually $1495)

Play Video about Brow Lamination Lemac Eye Artistry

The realm of beauty constantly evolves, with brow artistry emerging as a cornerstone, transforming simple looks into expressions of sophistication and style. Recognizing this, our best-selling course, previously acclaimed at a higher price point, is now permanently available for just $199. 

This pivotal decision aims to make elite education in brow artistry accessible to more passionate professionals eager to excel. Here, we introduce an all-encompassing course designed to elevate your expertise and mastery in brow artistry to unparalleled heights.

Course Overview

Our course stands as a beacon for those desiring to delve deep into the art and science of brow shaping, styling, and maintenance. Crafted meticulously Hanna Beasley from fundamental techniques to advanced strategies in brow artistry, including shaping, coloring, and correction methods. Participants will gain hands-on experience with the latest tools and products, ensuring they stay at the forefront of beauty trends. With over 50 hours of comprehensive instruction, this course promises to transform beginners into seasoned professionals, adept at enhancing natural beauty and symmetry with precision and creativity.

Unique Selling Points

What distinguishes our course from the myriad of options out there? Firstly, Hanna Beasley’s insights and mentorship offer a rare glimpse into the world of professional brow artistry. Secondly, our curriculum is constantly updated, reflecting the latest trends and techniques, ensuring you’re always market-ready. Thirdly, upon completion, participants gain lifetime access to course materials and a community of alumni for ongoing support and inspiration. Testimonials from past participants speak volumes, with many citing this course as a turning point in their careers, elevating their service offerings and client satisfaction.

Pricing and Value

At the new price of $199, this course represents an exceptional investment in your professional growth. The value derived from this educational experience far exceeds the financial commitment, considering the potential for increased earnings and client base expansion. This pricing adjustment is our commitment to making top-tier education in brow artistry more accessible, ensuring that motivated professionals can pursue excellence without financial barriers.

Enrollment Process

Signing up for our course is a straightforward journey toward enriching your professional toolkit. Interested participants can enroll through our website, with no prerequisites required, opening the door to both novices and seasoned professionals alike. Enroll today and you’ll gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, including comprehensive course materials and instructional videos. 

want to upskill?

Are you struggling with:

Theory & Video Tutorials

What you will learn:



Module One is a look into a thorough client consultation. This will help you alleviate the clients dis-likes, any skin concerns they have, what treatment is best for them and create a brow journey with them that will secure them as a returning client.

Module Two we have created a small index of some of the skin issues we face around brow sculpting and manicuring. We touch on skin lifting, allergies and how to get around them and some possible conratindications when it comes to the use abrasive products like wax on the skin.

Module Three we talk about how best to prepare your clients skin for their treatment, what is gentle enough to use before a wax and what is best to steer clear of. We also explain the importance of exfoliating the brow before a brow sculpting and tinting/dye treatment.

Module Four is designed to show you how easy brow mapping can be before a manicuring treatment. Short, simple and effective in helping you achieve a symmetrical, full brow each time.

Module Five is all you need to know about how to delicately and gently trim a brow the correct way so that your brow never looks over trimmed or chopped.

Module Six is an in-depth look into waxing, the different types of wax and what we would suggest each type of wax is best suited for during your brow manicuring. We talk about how to correctly apply each wax and a step by step guide of how we create our signature sculpt here at lemac.
Module Seven is the how to’s on tweezing. This module explores the different types of tweezers and how to correctly use them. We also delve into the do’s and dont’s of hair removal with tweezers.
Module Eight is our signature lamination technique. This module gives you a thorough look into how we create that perfectly swept brow with our lamination procedure.

Module Nine is precision tinting and hybrid dye all composed into one. It outlines the importance of your tinting/dye procedure when it comes to executing the perfect brow. Module nine includes a step by step procedure of the application of both techniques.

Module Ten we show you how two immaculately style and finish your masterpiece. We also give you examples of how to capture the perfect photo for your social media portfolio and some suggestions on different editing apps.
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Want to take your skills & career to the next level?

Are you a beginner or advanced brow artist?

With 10 years of industry experience along with running a successful salon in Palm Beach Queensland, Hanna Beasley, Director of Lémac, will teach you the secrets of delivering quality non-invasive brow services that will keep your clients coming back for more. 

Shorten your learning curve and fast-track your success by learning from the best. In this Online Masterclass, you will learn the complete end-to-end brow Masterclass for beginners and advanced artists looking to learn the fine art and nuances of brow artistry. 

Hanna understands the struggles of starting or growing a new business, this is why she has created 4 Brow Masterclasses at the price of 1. This is the best value Masterclass you will find in the industry. Enjoy x


Online is more of a thorough look into the brow manicuring and lamination art. You can take as long as 12 months to complete the course, and you can go back to each module wherever you need to better understand each module. The price point is also more affordable, and you don’t need to travel to our salon.

This masterclass is suited for everyone from beginners to confident advanced artists. It is thorough and easy enough for beginners to understand, yet extremely beneficial for advanced artists to learn our secret tips and tricks on executing the perfect brow.

Yes, we sure do! We have included a full product menu through each tutorial. 

Yes, you are more than welcome to email us directly with any queries or concerns. 

No, however, I will be creating another masterclass in the future on how you can create a successful brow business from my years of experience and growing a successful team. Keep your eyes peeled!

Lemac’s 4 in 1 Brow Masterclass is a one time purchase, and expires after 12 months from purchase date. During the 12 months, you can access it anytime anywhere. This course is non-refundable.


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